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141911 住宿加早餐管理人

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ANZSCO 141911 住宿加早餐管理人 Bed and Breakfast Operator - immicn

141911 住宿加早餐管理人职业描述 Job description - immicn


Organises and controls the operations of a bed and breakfast to provide a short term, highly personalised accommodation and leisure service for guests including breakfast. Ensures guests‘ needs, wants and comfort are satisfied during their stay. Registration or licensing may be required.

141911 住宿加早餐管理人技术等级 Skill level - immicn

住宿加早餐管理人的技能等级为2 (ANZSCO Skill Level 2)

141911 住宿加早餐管理人所属职业列表 - immicn

CSOL - 澳洲CSOL职业列表 Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List - immicn

141911 住宿加早餐管理人澳洲技术移民职业评估 Skills assessment authority - immicn

移民澳洲时,141911 住宿加早餐管理人 Bed and Breakfast Operator 属于 VETASSESS C类职业,需要专科以上学历(A qualification assessed at AQF Diploma/AQF Advanced Diploma/Australian Associate Degree level),如果专业高度相关则需要近五年内最少有一年毕业后相关工作经验;如果专业不是高度相关,则需要近五年内至少二年毕业后相关工作经验。毕业前的工作经验符合条件的也可以算作有效工作经验。评估不需要雅思,评估函有效期为3年。

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